Wind Generation Forecasts

Forecasts for Nearly Every US and Canadian Wind Farm, Every Hour

Frontier Weather produces wind generation forecasts for nearly every wind farm in the US and Canada, totaling nearly 84,000 MW of installed capacity as of May 2016. We produce forecasts for both individual farms as well as forecasts aggregated by region (all of MISO or SPP for example). These forecasts are generated every hour, seven days a week utilizing output from multiple forecast models including the NAM, CONUS nest of the NAM, HRRR, RAP, SREF, GFS, and global and regional CMC models.

Graphs and CSV Data, Including FTP Access

Wind generation forecasts are available out to seven days, at hourly resolution. Forecast data is available both graphically and in csv data files, both on the website and via ftp download. Forecast parameters include generation in megawatts, along with forecast values at plus and minus one standard deviation of the forecast model variance. Wind speed in knots as well as wind direction data are also available. Forecast data is available at hourly resolution out to seven days, as well as in a daily average format and is updated once per hour throughout the day.

Past Forecasts, Bias and Errors Available for Most Regions

Our wind generation forecast page also allows the user to view the forecasts from individual forecast model, along with the final model composite forecast. Forecast and actual data from the last 30 days can also be plotted along with bias and mean absolute errors by forecast hour and time of day. Sample graphics are available below.

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