Space Weather Data

Current Solar Disk and Coronal Views
Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.

Space Weather Overview
From NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

Kp Index Geomagnetic Storm Level
Kp=5 G 1 (minor storm)
Kp=6 G 2 (moderate storm)
Kp=7 G 3 (strong storm)
Kp=8 G 4 (severe storm)
Kp=9 G 5 (extreme storm)

Note that since the Aurora is located in the high levels of the atmosphere, it can be seen somewhat farther south than the plot indicates. A G 5 magnetic storm (Kp=9) can produce auroras that are seen as far south as Texas and Florida.

Space Weather Dashboards
From NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

Sunspot Number Plots

NASA Forecasts

SILSO data/images, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels